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Install rails 4.2 problems on mac yosemite

I had big problems today to install rails 4.2 on my mac wiht MacOS 10.10. Yosemite.
There were this two mayor problems. The first was related to wrong SSL certificates and the other one to nokogiri.
wrong SSL certificates
If you have this error then there is something wrong with your SSL certificates
openssl::ssl::sslerror: ssl_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=sslv3 read [...]

heroku rake assets:precompile failed. Invalid CSS.

Today i played with sass and compass in my current rails project. On my local machine everything works fine. But when i want to make an update to my heroku app i got the following error:

Running: rake assets:precompile
rake aborted!
Invalid CSS after ” *”: expected identifier, was “/”
(in /tmp/build_3tizuffxebjqm/app/assets/

the funny thing is, [...]