expect their daughters to marry

Schicksa A non Jewish girl, as in what they didn’t want their sons to marry. A non Jewish boy would be a shaygets, which I’m guessing wasn’t as big a concern for them, since the word is not as common. Perhaps they didn’t expect their daughters to marry outside the faith.

You know what, I really, really regret studying so hard now, I think I need to really overcome the sorrow that I am in now,,, What kind of policies are these. Just because everyone wants something NEW, when the policies are done, it just changes without considering the others. And I am the few UNLUCKY ones..

Please see website for details of the Club Summer Camps being run in July and August. Also see website for info on the Great Car Give Away, which is being run in conjunction with the Bond and Tax Donation Schemes, as part of the Clubhouse Appeal. The club is running a general knowledge and sports quiz this Friday in Kavanaghs, from 8.00pm.

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But the parsimonious use of steel in the velodrome roof in no way indicates that this is a mean building. The designers have turned economy into a virtue and created an elegant, considered structure that includes its own brand of roof dramatics. “We were trying to create something as lean and honed down as a racing bike would be maximum performance from minimal materials,” says Chris Wise, director of structural engineer Expedition.

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As usual in any group of friends, when former Rockland Jr. C player Kevin Hughes blasted an 81.2 mph slapper to “win” that event, there was lots of cheering and high fiving. At the same event, Bill got a tip from a master when Richard suggested he not hit the ice behind the puck on a slap shot, but rather aim directly at the puck..

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The grand rounds project, which consists of research on a particular topic and a final group presentation that is open to the public, I think was perhaps one of the most valuable parts of this class, for it really did require a lot of individual learning and the students really had to take things into their own hands, be independent, and put a final product together all outside of class, much like the way things will happen in medical school. I very much appreciate that Dr. K always pushed us to work hard in this way to prepare us for much harder tasks that are to come in the future in our post Colby years, and the Grand Rounds project was easily one of those things.

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