V+ SuperVruits

V+ SuperVruits is an angry-birds-like game for facebook, iPhone/iPad and Android devices. If you win all 25 levels you can win a car or other nice prices. The main goal of this project was to make a game for webbrowser, ios and android in an incredible short time. First i tried flash to build the game but the performance of the flash to IPA export is still not acceptable, for easy games it is ok, but if you start with a physics engine you end up with few frames per second. So we had to look further and finally we decided to use Unity3D. Unity got a new flash export feature which is stil in development but we decided to take the risk. Now i can say: YEAH UNITY – i love you! it was the right decision. The game runs nearly same smooth in the webbrowser, on an iPhone, on an iPad or my Nexus tablet. there are still some limitations on the flash export but overall i can say unity does a great work to bring 3D games to the browser.

play game on facebook: https://apps.facebook.com/vplus-supervruits/

V+ SuperVruits App

year: 2012
client:Brauerei C. & A. Veltins GmbH & Co. KG
design and conception: LN Media GmbH
programming: Martin Anders

  • 25 Level in three different environments
  • 7 fruits with different power and special features
  • 2 bonus levels to enable guarana fruit
  • halloween level
  • score saved on server, so it doesn’t matter it you play in browser or on ypur mobile device
  • you can play the game in browser, on iPhone, Ipad and Android devices
  • facebook integration, if you invite your friends you can upgrade your fruits

technical information:

  • Unity3D with C#
  • in browser game all GUI stuff is made with flash on top of the unity game
  • for mobile all GUI stuff is made with NextGenUI
  • GUI optimization for big screens like iPad 3


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