Klitscho Calling

Phone with the Klitschkos and see them on the website at the same time – that is “experience what is connecting”. For the business sector of Telekom we developed a game, that links two different channels together to highlight the innovation power of the company.

It’s a funny interactive game: you enter your phonenumber in the website, some seconds later rings your phone and Wladimir Klitschko is speaking to you and asking some box related questions. the questions appear at the same time on your screen where you can anser them. if you answer all 3 questions correct you can win some signed presents from the klitschko brothers.

year: 2011
design and conception:zweimaleins
implementation: Martin Anders, Roman Bartholy

  • flash website
  • asterisk phone server
  • connect web and phone
  • competition

technical information:

  • data exchange between flash and asterisk with Wowza Media Server
  • Wowza Media Server Java application


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