Flex 4 sample themes don’t work

Today i was playing with the different themes shipped with the FlexSDK. The original spark theme is so ugly. The good thing is – there are some more themes for us, like Arcade, Cobalt, Graphite and Zen. Also there are some CSS-Styled Spark-Themes like spark_cobalt and spark_desert.

For using another theme you have to add a additional compiler argument to your project.

The old Flex3 Halo Theme:


A new Cobalt theme in the samples folder of the sdk


Maybe you will get some css warnings and the project won’t compile, in this case turn of these warnings:


For using another CSS-styled theme copy the css file to your project und add this in your main-mxml:

<fx :Style source="spark_cobalt.css" />

A full list of all sample themes with images you can see here:

All this themes looks very nice – yeah, if there would be no big BUT! I really like the Cobalt-theme. But if you use the theme all scollbars are fucked up, they will not scroll down to the bottom. The problem occurs at all sample themes. I think without a scroller all these themes are completely useless. Again Flex4 sucks, arrgghhhh. PLEASE Adobe, please fix the problem. I’m not a designer and have not the time to create my own theme and i think i’m not the only one.

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