Flex Bug: smoothBitmapContent doesn’t work for reloaded images

SmoothBitmapContent works only for first loaded image. After changing the source of an image smoothing becomes false.
The Solution: attach a loading complete listener and change the smooth property of the loaded image by yourself.

	<mx :Script>
		< ![CDATA[
			 * Flex Bug: after reloading the image smoothing is false. smoothBitmapContent works only for first loaded image.
			 * Solution: set the smooting property of the 
			private function onImageLoaded():void
				//-- doesn't work 
				//preview.smoothBitmapContent = true; 
				// works
				var bmp:Bitmap = preview.content as Bitmap;
				if( bmp ) bmp.smoothing = true;
	<mx :Image id="preview" width="200" height="100" smoothBitmapContent="true" source="{ _previewPath }" complete="onImageLoaded()" />


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